The Legion Lurking In Your Tap.

The Legion Lurking In Your Tap.
06 Jul 2018

Whilst Legionella is the most notorious among the various strains of bacteria which love to dwell in our pipework, it is by no mean the only threat lurking in the tap; Pseudomonas, amoeba, yeasts and other vicious microbes naturally occur in any mains water supply, and if left unchecked will breed at vertiginous speed.

If allowed to do so, some of them will build up a biofilm on the inner walls of the pipes, and it is going to be tough (and expensive) to flush them out of your system.

These things can even pierce through metal pipework! Pretty wicked, isn’t it?!

Obviously, legionella is a health threat and by law a strict controlled regime has to be maintained to ensure it does not breed to a dangerous level.

These minuscule devils attained their name and notoriety after making ill 221 people at an American legionaries veteran gathering. Of those, 34 died of a form of pneumonia as a result.

These organisms breed in warm stagnant water, become airborne as a tap is opened, and can infect a person by inhalation. Even the dust left once the contaminated water has evaporated can still cause an infection!

The person in control of the premises has a legal responsibility to appoint a competent person to manage the risk. This is when you may want to give us a call at Olive Services, so we can help you keeping your system under control and your records in good order. Think about it, we are happy to give advice; call us on 02032274940.


Here are some practical tips to help prevent your pipes from becoming a living hell:

• Check periodically the installation for low usage appliances where water could be stagnating. These must be flushed weekly.

• Have a plumber to remove any dead legs anywhere in the pipework.

• If you have a hot water storage tank, ensue the water is being kept at least at 65C.

• Ensure the circulation pumps are working, and if you have a twin set of pumps make sure they are regularly alternating duties.

• Make sure that the thermostatic valves on all radiators are set so as to engage from time to time; if they are set too cold they may never actually open, and the water in the radiator may become stagnant.

• Make sure you know where the records are kept, so you can show them if requested by the local authority.

If you manage a restaurant, leave the algae to the sushi bar and the yeasts to the bakery. Enjoy a functional water and air conditioning system by letting us help you taking care of it!



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