The Glitch That Stole Your Christmas Profits!

The Glitch That Stole Your Christmas Profits!
01 Nov 2017

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all throughout the land,

Kitchens were prepping for their busiest month – ain’t it grand.

Whilst all hoped it would go off without a hitch….

Little did they know the effects of just one glitch.

So if you want to guarantee a service of perfection,

Making sure your brand retains that consumer affection,

Read our blog below – with our hotline and full of top tips,

On having a fairy godmother and avoiding any Christmas slips.

The festive period ranks as the busiest of the year. With work Christmas parties beginning as early as November, it offers a rich opportunity for establishments to comfortably book out for days at a time.

As a result, there is huge pressure to deliver a seamless service. So whilst your halls may be decked with glitter and holly; behind the scenes, every action must be measured, accurate and controlled.

In short, there is no time for a Christmas glitch. With expectations so high, customers are unforgiving about any mistakes or errors and even the smallest technical fault can have a significant impact.

So here are Olive Services:


Review your critical assets: Make sure you are aware of your entire asset list, particularly those which are critical to your operations. Invest time now, ensuring they are performing at their optimal level. What are your single points of failure?

Understand your equipment Life Cycle: If you have older assets at risk of failing, have a solid contingency plan now! Sourcing a replacement, critical spares availability or on-site equipment hire.

Know your supply chain: Supplier availability is difficult during Christmas. Ensure you know exactly who trades and when. We have been known to charter a private jet (seriously) to deliver an urgently required part. Stay in touch with suppliers and be prepared.

Have a Disaster Recovery Plan: Relying on one member of staff during the Christmas period is a risky business! You must have a clear & precise emergency document in place to share with your team. If you need help with your Disaster Recovery plan, please urgently contact us on:

‘Who you gonna call?’: We are on-hand now, providing services exclusively to our clients, partners and those on our Christmas emergency support list – “in case the Glitch comes.”

You may have cover, but just in case you need help during this critical time, register now (No fees) on our Christmas emergency support line:





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