Summer BBQ’s Do’s & Don’ts

Summer BBQ’s Do’s & Don’ts
30 Apr 2018

Summer brings with it longer days, sun kissed tans and lots of BBQ parties!

We all love a summer Barbie, sitting in the sun with an ice cold drink whilst we wait for the meat to finish charring on the grill. But, whilst that all sounds wonderful, unsafe gas appliances that are not used correctly can pose a great risk to your health and the safety of others around you.

We’ve put together a few DO’s and Don’ts to help you have a disaster free summer.



Always pre-check your grill before using it and carry out a visual inspection to spot signs of any malfunctions. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions and user manuals if unsure.

Clean your grill regularly – before and after use. The build-up of grease, grime and dirt could increase the chances of a fire.

Keep your area clear and your grill away from any flammable surfaces, tents or decorations that could cause a fire to flare up quickly.



Never use a BBQ indoors.

Don’t be a victim to the ‘silent killer.’ Grills release Carbon Monoxide – a deadly gas which has no smell or colour. Always make sure there is an adequate supply of fresh air. Check for symptoms of CO Poisoning here

Never leave your grill unattended. It only takes a second for a fire to erupt into a fatal flame.

Gas Appliances should be serviced regularly by a registered Gas Safe engineer. We have a team of qualified Gas Safe engineers who can carry out servicing on your Gas appliances as well as offer advice on how to safely operate them.



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