Success stories

Roast Case Study

Roast, overlooking London’s iconic Borough Market, celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. The award winning restaurant is at the forefront of the ‘field to fork’ food philosophy and attributes its exceptional success to a visionary in-house team, industry leading partners and the farmers, fishermen, growers and wine makers who inspire the renown menus.

Sergei Gubars, Roast’s General Manager, has been with the organisation from its inception in 2005 when he worked closely with Roast’s founder to bring the restaurant to life. Gubars was subsequently awarded the Princeton Global Network Honour, for distinguished individuals who have demonstrated career excellence and exemplary leadership. He is also a talented wine connoisseur with a gift for picking the very best vintages, ensuring Roast has featured in the AA Notable Wine List since 2007.

Responsible for all of Roast’s operations, in 2013 Gubars identified the need for a truly exceptional professional kitchen maintenance and servicing partner. He comments: “I wanted a company that really understands the unique demands of this industry, to work in partnership with my team – particularly the chefs, and provide a non-intrusive, slick maintenance service.”

Gubars appointed Olive Services, London’s leading restaurant servicing and maintenance provider. Olive has unrivalled hospitality experience working in partnership with several of the Capital’s most iconic dining venues. Olive’s Managing Director, Sol Goodall, himself a trained chef, has built the organisation around a core understanding of how engineers need to interact and operate in the uniquely challenging professional hospitality environment.

Gubars continues, “The Olive engineers have unrivalled industry knowledge and expertise. I have complete trust in their approach and my team and I greatly value their opinions. If an Olive engineer says a piece of equipment needs replacing I do not need to question it, as I know they will have evaluated the cost of repair and recommended replacement as the most effective option for my business. Olive and Roast work together for mutual benefit – Olive makes money keeping Roast’s operating costs down and our efficiency high. It’s a win, win scenario.”

Olive’s ethos is a ‘planned preventative approach’ to maintenance. This involves an agreed schedule of works to understand the status of each piece of key equipment and a bespoke maintenance programme to keep core equipment, from air conditioning and refrigeration, stoves to pluming operating at optimum levels. Equipment working correctly is important for staff moral and customer satisfaction. Chefs do not want to alter menus because a key piece of required equipment is not working and customers do not want to discover their favorite dish is off the menu because of it.

Roast has an established track record in building strong personal relationships with suppliers. The Roast team travels the UK to find the best, responsibly sourced and sustainable ingredients to take center stage on seasonal menus. The same care and diligence is afforded to the relationship with Olive whose engineers are very much part of the Roast team that brings customers a consistently exceptional dining experience.

Olive Services Maintaining Grand European Style at The Wolseley Piccadilly

The Wolseley café-restaurant located on London’s most famous boulevard, Piccadilly, provides unique Grand European style and enjoys enviable success as the highest grossing individual restaurant in the UK.

The restaurant’s iconic building was commissioned in 1921 by Wolseley Motors Limited as their prestigious West End car showroom. The architect drew on Venetian and Florentine influences, creating a grand, atmospheric interior with towering pillars and staircases.

In 1927 Barclays Bank acquired the building trading for many decades until Chris Corbin and Jeremy King secured the site in July 2003. Following an impressive refurbishment, The Wolseley open to acclaim in November 2003.

Successful organisations work with the best partners and The Wolseley has worked with Olive Services since its opening. Sol Goodall, Managing Director of Olive Services and his team look after everything within the four walls of a restaurant. In practice they operate as a one stop service with a preventative approach to all the operational needs of The Wolseley from maintaining the air conditioning and kitchen equipment to repairing flooring and repainting walls as needed.

Chris Corbin, Director, The Wolseley says of Olive Services “I have worked with Sol Goodall and his team since 2003 and have huge respect for their ‘can do’ attitude.”

What sets Olive Services apart is their knowledge of the industry and the sheer scope of their service offering. Sol Goodall is himself an ex-chef familiar with the unique demands of the restaurant business. He has personal experience of the wider impact of a key item of kitchen equipment going down and as a result Olive Services focus is on prevention. They also fix kit – machinery used within a restaurant environment will fail from time to time because of the heavy usage and that failure can occur mid-service. Indeed one Christmas Eve an extractor fan in The Wolseley kitchen failed meaning only cold food could be served. Olive’s team ensured specialist engineers were on site immediately and supervised the work to ensure it was repaired for service on Boxing Day.

According to Helen Smith of Rex Restaurant Associates “Olive Services are part of the engine of the The Wolseley and key to the success of this partnership is their people. It is essential that the engineers working with us are experts in all aspects of this unique building. The Olive engineers need to have skills and communication unmatched in the industry to ensure our ambience, service and customer experience remains exceptional at all times.”

Sol Goodall commented “It’s a privilege to work with the team at The Wolseley. We know every aspect of their iconic building and take immense pride in maintaining it to exacting standards. The Wolseley team truly understand the importance of the Olive Services mantra ‘prevention’ as as opposed to fixing is key.”

Olive Services’ engineers are at The Wolseley every day and systematically maintain, service, fix or install any item within the restaurant, kitchen or offices. Areas for focus are sent by The Wolseley General Manager to Olive Services office staff via an intranet, where jobs can be logged and followed to completion.

Olive was founded in 2003 by Sol Goodall, a professional chef. He experienced first-hand how maintenance problems have a direct impact on productivity and profitability, having worked in restaurants without an efficient maintenance regime. This ‘front line’ experience, both locally and internationally, was the driving force behind the founding of Olive Services, the initial service.

Unlike other maintenance suppliers, Olive is driven by a service ethos and service led solutions. The principals’ backgrounds in the hospitality service industry give them a unique understanding of the meaning and importance of customer and after sales service.

Olive has since expanded its portfolio to include Refrigeration & Air Conditioning and Building Services as well as Maintenance Services, to offer a truly comprehensive range of services to the hospitality industry and commercial clients across Central and Greater London. All Olive’s clients enjoy an exclusive tailored service which eliminates the pressures of maintenance for the management team, enabling them to focus on the customer and the business, and ensures peace of mind for commercial customers.

As a result of managing the maintenance and projects of some of London’s most prestigious restaurants since 2003, Olive has sourced the best suppliers in the industry and has a broad range of partners who deliver on time and on budget.

All Star Lanes

In 2006 a new concept was unveiled in the Capital. A bowling alley that was intimate, accessible, luxurious and fun. Serving excellent quality food, award winning cocktails, with great music and exclusive private bowling rooms, – the high end boutique bowling experience had arrived.

From that original, thriving ‘All Star Lanes’ venue in Holborn, the company added more London venues – Brick Lane, Bayswater, Westfield Stratford and Deansgate Manchester completes the current UK portfolio, – all with distinct vibes to echo their neighbourhood, they offer the perfect mix of great food and chic bowling entertainment.

What strikes a customer on their first visit to an All Star Lanes is the quality. Top end fittings and fixtures, rich, vibrant colour schemes, sumptuous materials and lightening are used to maximum effect. However it’s the quality of the food and drink that is often the biggest surprise, offering customers everything from the very best burger in town to lobster.

With such a high end product, All Star Lanes Head of Operations, Craig Gladstone knew he needed to work with the best in the business to maintain and service everything within the four walls of the London venues to ensure a flawless customer experience was consistently delivered.

Indeed prior to working with Olive Services, All Star Lanes had been spending valuable time co-ordinating three companies to look after the venue maintenance. There was the inevitable overlap and a lack of consistency with so many points of contact. Olive approached the organisation with a new concept – one point of contact for everything offering a ‘Planned Preventative Maintenance’ approach. Instead of fixing things that have gone wrong, maintain kit to avoid the nuisance and cost of breakdowns.

“Working with Olive was a breath of fresh air, the benefits of a one-stop-shop approach to all our maintenance needs was instantly felt. After some necessary remedial works to get all our fixtures and fittings to the level, we embarked on a monthly planned maintenance programme with Olive,” comments Gladstone.

“Our relationship with Olive is built on trust, the MD and his head office staff are a pleasure to deal with. If I have any concerns I am able to have an open and frank discussion with Olive and I appreciate that. I am very pleased with the service Olive provides. Their engineers are efficient, knowledgeable, appropriate and always keep our staff in the loop,” continues Gladstone.

Kitchen equipment needs to be operating at an optimum in an All Star Lanes commercial kitchen, as each venue can have 230 covers on a Saturday night presented as large group bookings – quite a challenge for any kitchen team. Executive chef Steve Collins oversees a loyal crew of head chefs who appreciate the boost to productivity and moral that kitchen equipment working efficiently brings – the result of Olive’s preventative approach.

Gladstone views Olive Services as one of the most important businesses that All Star Lanes works with. Both companies work closely together to maintain the venues to ensure the customer experience remains seamless. All Star Lanes continues to look at new opportunities for expansion both in the UK and further afield, to reap the rewards of offering a fresh, high end, high spec bowling and eating experience.

Olive Services Set Gold Standard for Restaurant Maintenance at Innovative Restaurant Inamo

Nine years ago Danny Potter and Noel Hunwick, sitting together at a mutual friends party, became frustrated at repeatedly being unable to get the waiter’s attention. The essence of Inamo was hatched – the concept of the customer being in total control of the dining experience.

Imagine being able to touch the table to order a drink, order the main or get the bill. Skip nearly three years of intensive software coding and testing in a back bedroom and with great acclaim in August 2008 the Inamo concept and brand was launched in London.

Today Inamo St James and Inamo Soho continue to thrill the Capital’s customers. The innovative oriental fusion foods combined with interactive ordering to create a truly unique dining experience.

The ‘E-Table’ ordering system is the world’s first interactive food ordering with overhead projection technology to give the customer complete control over their dining experience. In addition, guests are able to choose from a range of virtual tablecloths, view the Inamo chefs working in real time using the ‘Chef Cam’ function and explore a wide range of practical services such as taxi booking facilities, or local bus and tube maps. Customers can also book ahead to order a custom tablecloth for a special birthday or corporate event.

Inamo Co-Founder Noel Hunwick knew that to match the futuristic table experience all areas in the restaurant and kitchens had to be maintained to exceptional, leading edge standards. Prior to the summer of 2010, maintenance and servicing had been a time consuming and difficult task. Hunwick had found it hard to get reliable people and to keep control of the spiralling maintenance costs. Issues such as a faulty kitchen fan didn’t occur too often but when it did, greatly impacted on the kitchen service and moral. He needed to find a trusted partner to pro-actively manage the wide variety of variables in the restaurant from the washer to the flooring, offering quick quotations and maintenance in a reliable manner and within a set timescale. Enter Olive Services, having been highly recommended by the Inamo St James previous site owners. In fact Olive’s already in-depth knowledge of the kitchen set up proved to be a real bonus. They know that machinery, its history and maintenance schedule and so the move to using Olive was seamless.

Olive Services offers a unique perspective on the hospitality industry, combining expertise in services ranging from reactive maintenance, project management, static on-site engineers, design advice and planning, health and safety procedures to specialist maintenance of establishments and equipment.

For Inamo the brief was simple: to work with the best in the business to maintain Inamo in a cost effective and efficient way. This was straight forward for Olive as they employ their engineers so can ensure professional, effective relationships are quickly established. In the case of Inamo it was agreed to buy a set number of nights each month to go through a pre-published list of items for the attention of the Olive engineers. Items on this list range from re-painting a toilet cubicle to servicing the salamander and is sent through by the Inamo General Manager to Olive offices head office team before the engineer arrives on site to ensure sufficient time to carry out the works and ensure the engineer arrives with the right parts and tools.

Olive also ensure Inamo keep up to date with compliance issues such as fire extinguisher checks and health and safety manuals, again freeing up the already busy in-house team to focus on the food and customers. All of Olive’s responsibilities are clearly set out at the start of the contract and the list of other services they offer such as design can be additionally accessed at any time.

Commenting on the relationship Noel Hunwick, Inamo Co-Founder “We are delighted with the relationship we have with Olive Services. They are a key partner for Inamo and their engineers are efficient, professional and expert. The fact that Sol Goodall, an ex-chef runs Olive shines through, as Olive understands the need to sort maintenance issues quickly to keep staff moral high and customer expectations consistently exceeded.”

Sol Goodall Olive Services MD “the key to restaurant maintenance success is prevention. Customers like Inamo book scheduled engineer slots each month to ensure kit is serviced and maintained before it needs a fix. Olive’s role is to take away the stress of maintenance and compliance and let the in-house team focus on their priorities in the knowledge that everything within their four walls is working and looking its best.”

“Whether customers choose to have one of our engineers on a call-out basis, part or full time, a maintenance schedule is developed according to their needs following a full consultation. Our preventative approach, combined with our understanding of the industry, means calls are responded to swiftly with an immediate response to emergencies. We are contactable 24/7 to ensure minimal disruption to the business or environment,” Goodall continued.
The future for Inamo is exciting. Their ordering concept has been a great success. It has already been franchised in Europe and Inamo are in talks with companies in the US and Far East to continue to widen the audience for the ‘E-Table’ food ordering system.

Olive Services continues to work behind the scenes of many of the Capital’s most prestigious restaurants offering the gold standard in pro-active, reliable and professional restaurant maintenance.