Give Your Fridge The TLC It Deserves This Summer

Give Your Fridge The TLC It Deserves This Summer
05 Mar 2018

Summer is upon us and as the weather slowly starts to warm up, the cold truth is that your fridge may need a little more attention than usual. High temperatures mean your fridge is more vulnerable and will often work harder than it has to in order to maintain optimal temperature.

Luckily, we have a few handy tips to help you take better care of your fridges to keep it running all summer ‘18 and beyond! 


Top 7 Tips To Keep Your Fridge Working Efficiently This Summer


Stock up 
A full fridge is more efficient than an empty one at maintaining its temperature, especially if the doors are being opened often.

Get the right temperature
Make sure your fridge is set to the correct temperature. Setting a very low temperature will not help the fridge perform better, and might just get the unit to work harder than needed.

Defrost the frost
If you notice an excess of ice building up in the fridge evaporator, you can perform a defrost cycle. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and take precautions, as water may leak out. If necessary, empty the fridge beforehand to avoid food spoilage.

Avoid hot, moist air
Be aware that a fridge located nearby a source of heat will generally struggle through its life. Moisture in the air causes a fridge to work harder and to frost sooner- therefore losing efficiency. If you have issues with the location of your fridge, consider consulting Olive Services, as we might be able to advise install partitions to minimise this type of problem.

Keep the doors closed
Opening the fridge door frequently will allow cold air within the fridge to slip out easily and naturally become replaced by warmer ambient air.

Check your gaskets
Ensure the fridge seals are clean and provide a tight closing. Consider having Olive Services to check this on a regular basis, to ensure food hygiene and correct functioning.

Squeaky clean
The condenser and evaporator are the breathing lungs of your fridge. A dirty condenser will cause the fridge to work much harder, and potentially to breakdown ahead of time. Have the condenser cleaned by one of our qualified engineers, as this operation could damage the fridge if not carried out by a professional.



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