The Legion Lurking In Your Tap.


Jul 2018

The Legion Lurking In Your Tap.

Whilst Legionella is the most notorious among the various strains of bacteria which love to dwell in our pipework, it is by no mean the only threat lurking in the tap; Pseudomonas, amoeba, yeasts and other vicious microbes naturally occur in any mains water supply, and if left unchecked will breed at vertiginous speed.

If allowed to do so, some of them will build up a biofilm on the inner walls of the pipes, and it is going to be tough (and expensive) to flush them out of your system.

These things can even pierce through metal pipework! Pretty wicked, isn’t it?!

Obviously, legionella is a health threat and by law a strict controlled regime has to be maintained to ensure it does not breed to a dangerous level.

These minuscule devils attained their name and notoriety after making ill 221 people at an American legionaries veteran gathering. Of those, 34 died of a form of pneumonia as a result.

These organisms breed in warm stagnant water, become airborne as a tap is opened, and can infect a person by inhalation. Even the dust left once the contaminated water has evaporated can still cause an infection!

The person in control of the premises has a legal responsibility to appoint a competent person to manage the risk. This is when you may want to give us a call at Olive Services, so we can help you keeping your system under control and your records in good order. Think about it, we are happy to give advice; call us on 02032274940.


Here are some practical tips to help prevent your pipes from becoming a living hell:

• Check periodically the installation for low usage appliances where water could be stagnating. These must be flushed weekly.

• Have a plumber to remove any dead legs anywhere in the pipework.

• If you have a hot water storage tank, ensue the water is being kept at least at 65C.

• Ensure the circulation pumps are working, and if you have a twin set of pumps make sure they are regularly alternating duties.

• Make sure that the thermostatic valves on all radiators are set so as to engage from time to time; if they are set too cold they may never actually open, and the water in the radiator may become stagnant.

• Make sure you know where the records are kept, so you can show them if requested by the local authority.

If you manage a restaurant, leave the algae to the sushi bar and the yeasts to the bakery. Enjoy a functional water and air conditioning system by letting us help you taking care of it!

Summer BBQ’s Do’s & Don’ts


Apr 2018

Summer BBQ’s Do’s & Don’ts

Summer brings with it longer days, sun kissed tans and lots of BBQ parties!

We all love a summer Barbie, sitting in the sun with an ice cold drink whilst we wait for the meat to finish charring on the grill. But, whilst that all sounds wonderful, unsafe gas appliances that are not used correctly can pose a great risk to your health and the safety of others around you.

We’ve put together a few DO’s and Don’ts to help you have a disaster free summer.



Always pre-check your grill before using it and carry out a visual inspection to spot signs of any malfunctions. Refer to manufacturer’s instructions and user manuals if unsure.

Clean your grill regularly – before and after use. The build-up of grease, grime and dirt could increase the chances of a fire.

Keep your area clear and your grill away from any flammable surfaces, tents or decorations that could cause a fire to flare up quickly.



Never use a BBQ indoors.

Don’t be a victim to the ‘silent killer.’ Grills release Carbon Monoxide – a deadly gas which has no smell or colour. Always make sure there is an adequate supply of fresh air. Check for symptoms of CO Poisoning here

Never leave your grill unattended. It only takes a second for a fire to erupt into a fatal flame.

Gas Appliances should be serviced regularly by a registered Gas Safe engineer. We have a team of qualified Gas Safe engineers who can carry out servicing on your Gas appliances as well as offer advice on how to safely operate them.

The Benefits Of PPM


Apr 2018

The Benefits Of PPM

We’ve all heard the saying ‘An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’- this is one of the mottos Olive Services like to go by! With most things, it’s better to stop something fatal from happening than it is to deal with it after it has happened.

Unexpected maintenance demands are inevitable! However, protecting your equipment by investing in Planned Preventative Maintenance (PPM) will reduce the chances of these avertable failures from occurring and guarantee cost effective time management. Well maintained equipment performs better than unkempt, neglected equipment which is why we offer a unique tailored PPM package that reflects the demands of your business.


Regular replacement and servicing of parts is a great way to ensure all your equipment is running as efficiently as it should be. This reduces the chances of unexpected breakdowns and budget breaking scenarios that could cost you more than you bargained for!

Holding onto equipment that has exceeded its natural life expectancy will only cost more money for regular repairs. Having knowledge of your equipment life expectancy will allow you to replace old appliances that are no longer good for use. Keep a record of all equipment on your premises and a schedule for when reoccurring maintenance and replacements are due so you can plan ahead.

Ensure your equipment is installed and serviced by the right kind of people!
Our team of qualified engineers can carry out an early assessment to locate and address unnoticed issues which could grow into larger more expensive issues. Olive Services have a team of Gas Safe Registered & NICEIC qualified engineers who provide installation and service for commercial use. As well as instructions on how to operate, clean and maintain the longevity of your appliances.

Give Your Fridge The TLC It Deserves This Summer


Mar 2018

Give Your Fridge The TLC It Deserves This Summer

Summer is upon us and as the weather slowly starts to warm up, the cold truth is that your fridge may need a little more attention than usual. High temperatures mean your fridge is more vulnerable and will often work harder than it has to in order to maintain optimal temperature.

Luckily, we have a few handy tips to help you take better care of your fridges to keep it running all summer ‘18 and beyond! 


Top 7 Tips To Keep Your Fridge Working Efficiently This Summer


Stock up 
A full fridge is more efficient than an empty one at maintaining its temperature, especially if the doors are being opened often.

Get the right temperature
Make sure your fridge is set to the correct temperature. Setting a very low temperature will not help the fridge perform better, and might just get the unit to work harder than needed.

Defrost the frost
If you notice an excess of ice building up in the fridge evaporator, you can perform a defrost cycle. Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions and take precautions, as water may leak out. If necessary, empty the fridge beforehand to avoid food spoilage.

Avoid hot, moist air
Be aware that a fridge located nearby a source of heat will generally struggle through its life. Moisture in the air causes a fridge to work harder and to frost sooner- therefore losing efficiency. If you have issues with the location of your fridge, consider consulting Olive Services, as we might be able to advise install partitions to minimise this type of problem.

Keep the doors closed
Opening the fridge door frequently will allow cold air within the fridge to slip out easily and naturally become replaced by warmer ambient air.

Check your gaskets
Ensure the fridge seals are clean and provide a tight closing. Consider having Olive Services to check this on a regular basis, to ensure food hygiene and correct functioning.

Squeaky clean
The condenser and evaporator are the breathing lungs of your fridge. A dirty condenser will cause the fridge to work much harder, and potentially to breakdown ahead of time. Have the condenser cleaned by one of our qualified engineers, as this operation could damage the fridge if not carried out by a professional.

The Glitch That Stole Your Christmas Profits!


Nov 2017

The Glitch That Stole Your Christmas Profits!

‘Twas the week before Christmas and all throughout the land,

Kitchens were prepping for their busiest month – ain’t it grand.

Whilst all hoped it would go off without a hitch….

Little did they know the effects of just one glitch.

So if you want to guarantee a service of perfection,

Making sure your brand retains that consumer affection,

Read our blog below – with our hotline and full of top tips,

On having a fairy godmother and avoiding any Christmas slips.

The festive period ranks as the busiest of the year. With work Christmas parties beginning as early as November, it offers a rich opportunity for establishments to comfortably book out for days at a time.

As a result, there is huge pressure to deliver a seamless service. So whilst your halls may be decked with glitter and holly; behind the scenes, every action must be measured, accurate and controlled.

In short, there is no time for a Christmas glitch. With expectations so high, customers are unforgiving about any mistakes or errors and even the smallest technical fault can have a significant impact.

So here are Olive Services:


Review your critical assets: Make sure you are aware of your entire asset list, particularly those which are critical to your operations. Invest time now, ensuring they are performing at their optimal level. What are your single points of failure?

Understand your equipment Life Cycle: If you have older assets at risk of failing, have a solid contingency plan now! Sourcing a replacement, critical spares availability or on-site equipment hire.

Know your supply chain: Supplier availability is difficult during Christmas. Ensure you know exactly who trades and when. We have been known to charter a private jet (seriously) to deliver an urgently required part. Stay in touch with suppliers and be prepared.

Have a Disaster Recovery Plan: Relying on one member of staff during the Christmas period is a risky business! You must have a clear & precise emergency document in place to share with your team. If you need help with your Disaster Recovery plan, please urgently contact us on:

‘Who you gonna call?’: We are on-hand now, providing services exclusively to our clients, partners and those on our Christmas emergency support list – “in case the Glitch comes.”

You may have cover, but just in case you need help during this critical time, register now (No fees) on our Christmas emergency support line: